Maid Servant Stories

We Indians are among the most “servant”-dependent people in the world. From getting our dishes washed to our toilets cleaned, our children minded to our dogs walked, from being driven to work to having our lunch boxes opened and our clothes ironed, our need for domestic workers is total, at least 16×7, leaving out the sleeping hours. The term for these workers, even in the mainstream English press, is, simply, “domestics”.

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The story behind a maid servant's visiting card that went viral. Weekend read: A random act of kindness by a brand manager has resulted in a windfall of job offers for her maid servant.

01-06-1995 · Arranged Marriage is a collection of 11 short stories based on marriage and relationships. ‘The Maid Servant’s Story’, though not exactly based on marriage, is my personal favorite. The story is about a woman who treats her maid servant with respect and dignity unlike her family members who ill-treat her.

A 23-year-old maid servant was allegedly drugged and raped by a youth and his three friends at the pretext of providing her a better job in southeast Delhi's Jamia Nagar.

The world is familiar with reports about the exploitation of migrant labourers in the Gulf region. In 2013, Saud Alsanousi’s.

An Interview With Sukanti Barik, A Maid Servant #UnheardStories . By Youth Ki Awaaz in Interviews, Society. 15th October, 2011 . By Anjora Sarangi: Sukanti Barik is a 22 year old woman from Orissa who has faced much more than your average 22 year old. She.