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Cannabis before sex can help men access a deeper level of intimacy, study finds – Some said cannabis helped them physically, like lasting longer in bed, enjoying different sex acts, or having more intense.

(CNN)Young Americans are having less sex — and they can’t even blame the coronavirus pandemic for this one. Sexual.

Timle Sex Consensual cohabitation between two adults of the same sex is not illegal or a crime, the Uttarakhand high court observed recently while hearing a petition. Since sex toys now are basically as advanced as any Elon Musk creation, it’s time to test out some of these new gadgets and. Online child sex abuse cases in Thailand are set to hit

We’re forever sparring over his selfish behaviour and unwillingness to help with household chores,” complains the Hindu.

A recently passed Idaho law banning transgender women from competing in women’s sports — the first such law in the nation — received backing on Friday from the administration of U.S. President Donald.

The lectures, issued by the AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth, consist of 51 videos and target students of.

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) will announce Class 10 and 12 results by.

Fisherman Rajendran (54) eloquently names various species of mangrove saplings he planted in Keezhathottam village in north.

It was a talking point in the legal fraternity for some time that no candidate passed preliminary examinations conducted.

Hindi Sexy Films Producers’ Guild has submitted guidelines of on-set safety measures for when the shooting resumes. This includes the deep. So here’s taking a look at few performance of side actors who stole our heart. There are many actors who played the role of. Netflix Releases A List Of ‘Desi Pride’ Films That Showcase The LBGTQ+ Life – Netflix releases a list of

"If I lived in Vietnam and my name in your language sounded like Eat a D—, I would change it to avoid embarrassment," the.