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Tamil Sex Muslim a Muslim engineer sent to Tamil Nadu by the Vatican to investigate a miracle at the basilica where 2,000 people sought refuge. He said that CAA results in not granting any exemption to Tibetan Buddhists in China and Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka, and the claim that the law attempts to classify people who belong only to the Muslim. CAA
First Sex In Tamil Memory against Forgetting Archive of Memory: Reflections on 70 years of Independence – They are available in Sinhala, Tamil and English, making them accessible to the local as well as to the international. Chilean poet’s letters, photos, rare books, postcards and artefacts represent ‘a huge part of the 20th century’. The Centre Tuesday told the Supreme Court that Citizenship (Amendment)

‘Kannamoochi’ review: A pleasantly surprising web series about unpleasant things – The web series space continues to throw pleasant surprises. I mean, sure, the content continues to be rusty on a few counts.